The Jade Saltmartin

Released August 2020, The Jade Saltmartin is a collection of instrumental music colored with mid-century tones.

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Featured Video - Piano Mosey

Steve Elkins Interviews Ben Eshbach

Ben talks with Steve Elkins, director of Echoes of the Invisible. They discuss Ben's score for the film, how it came together and how the film relates to their shared interest in contemporary philosophy of science.

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The film is finished and is in festivals. Listen to my score for Precarious and more here.

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Bells Through The Leaves

Debussy piano pieces reimagined on guitar. Influenced by Isao Tomita's synthesizer recordings from the 1970s. Read about it and listen to it here.

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Mick Dillingham Interviews Ben Eshbach

Ben talks about The Sugarplastic and musical influences with Mick Dillingham at I Don't Hear A Single.

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Repairing My Silvertone

This was my first guitar. It was my father's before me. Sears Silvertone -- circa 1959-1960. Watch how I restored some of its key features.

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Opening Credits
for Precarious

The haunting and mysterious orchestral opening credit sequence



An orchestral video tribute to this lovely 20th century icon.

Arabesque #1

A Tomita-esque rendition of this Debussy piece for piano played on electric guitars.